Hutting 46


A custom-built sailing yacht with the recognizable style and quality of the Hutting Yachts, but with even more comfort and greater sailing performance; that is the Hutting 46 Explorer.

Created by Naval Architects Van Oossanen & Associates, specialized in hydrodynamics and sailing yachts that require a specific sailing performance. They designed a.o. yachts for the America’s cup.

Hutting explorer yacht drawing


The Hutting 46 has a large, carefully designed saloon with a lot of light and living space. The interior is fully customizable; you can choose your own layout, colors, and materials. By using high-quality materials as well as maximum precision and skill, we create the Hutting 46 exactly the way you want it. So you can truly call this yacht your home away from home.

3D impression

Standard specifications

Ontwerp Van Oossanen
Materiaal Aluminium
Lengte 13.90 m
Boom 4.20 m
Draft 2.30m

Displacement 14.50 ton
Ballast 4500 kg lead
Zeilen 103.8 m²
Water Tank 2 x 300 liter
Brandstof Tank 500 liter


First, we want to get to know you and your ideas regarding your ideal sailing yacht. Based on this we create a plan tailored specifically to you. We will guide you in making the decisions, using not only our own experiences but also the experiences of Hutting sailors.

Drawings will be made, remade and remade. Until it is there. The aluminium hull is made by our specialized supplier. Every step is under our supervision and quality control. The moment it reaches the yard, our skilled team knows exactly what to do, guaranteeing you the Hutting quality. The construction time of the Hutting 46 will last approximately 15 months. With regular updates of the building process we will involve you in the realization of your dream yacht.

After completion, you get a berth in the Hutting harbor for the first weeks. We will sail with you to familiarize you with the capabilities of your yacht.

What follows is ultimate freedom. But do not worry: as a new member of the ‘Hutting Family’ our world-wide service reaches as far as you decide to sail.

it’s time

This is the moment to share your dream with us. Our mission is to go beyond. Unlimited freedom of personalization, the finest craftsmanship and world-leading naval architects.

Contact us for more information regarding the endless possibilities of creating your Hutting 46 Explorer, Hutting 52 or a one-off design. Enjoy the value of freedom and the chance to create your own dream sailing yacht. Enjoy the value of a yacht for life.

We hope to see you soon in Makkum,


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