Blog: How do you prevent mold in your boat mattress


Blog: How do you prevent mold in your boat mattress

We are in the middle of winter and although the new sailing season still seems far away, the first maintenance jobs are already starting. Maybe not the first thing that comes to mind, but don’t forget to open the zipper of the mattresses on board. There is a good chance that you will find mold. Even when mold is not immediately visible, molds and bacteria are almost always present. Time for new mattresses? That is not always necessary!

Without realizing it, you lose a lot of perspiration and other waste products every night. Sailing boats often lack the correct ventilation system for the mattresses. This quickly causes mold to form in the mattress core. Not only unhygienic but also unhealthy: mold is the cause of many hidden complaints such as a runny nose, watery eyes and respiratory tract irritations. Neptune, specialist in boat mattresses and ship upholstery, gives a few tips in this blog!

Tip 1: A slatted base is essential

Especially on board, a slatted base under your mattress is essential for ventilation. The mattress may not lie directly on the wood, but requires a correctly adjusted slatted base. The latter is often difficult, given the tight and often deviating dimensions on board. A solution for this is a custom-made slatted base system. Neptune offers a patented slatted base system, specially developed for onboard. This is much more comfortable means your mattress will last longer.


Tip 2: Ventilate your boat mattress well!

By regularly turning the mattress and unzipping the mattress cover, you can ventilate the mattress properly. The Neptune specialists advise to do this weekly, especially in humid weather.


Tip 3: Use an antibacterial mattress cover and mattress

You can also use an antibacterial mattress cover. For optimal protection against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Neptune, for example, uses “nano silver” in all mattress ticking. This eco-friendly treatment of the mattress cover with colloidal silver, also known as silver water, kills unwanted intruders and reduces the spread of bacteria and the formation of mold in the long term.

Neptune also works with Pantera Nautic ™ comfort foam and Vita Talalay® Latex Superior ™. The fire-retardant Pantera Nautic ™ is a premium comfort foam that has been treated with an antibacterial agent and is therefore not susceptible to mold and is even resistant to dust mites. Ideal for allergy sufferers. Vita Talalay® Latex Superior ™ is a durable, superior latex that offers optimal ventilation and moisture regulation due to the open cell structure.

Do you want to increase your sleeping comfort onboard? Or are you curious about what Neptune can offer? Click here for more information.


Do you want to increase your sleeping comfort on board? Or are you curious about what Neptune can offer you? Click here for more information.