Building Process Hutting 46 Explorer ‘ Fier’

Explore the construction process of the first Hutting 46 Explorer. We have mapped out the process for each component on this page. Curious about the end result? Schedule a viewing and feel free to visit the shipyard for the best impression.

14 October 2023 – Official launch Hutting 46

A unique moment: the official premiere of the newest Hutting sailing yacht during our Open Day Event. Check the aftermovie below to get an impression of this unique moment.

August 2023

In the past few weeks, the teak deck has been finished and only the rubber fittings need to be done. Inside, the interior is almost complete. Al rooms are almost complete and the ceilings have been installed just as most of the technology inside. Outside, the parts that could already be mounted have been secured and it is now waiting for the teak deck to be finished to continue.  The stainless steel is ready for assembly and the hull has already anti-fouling… Only a few weeks left until the big launch of the sailing yacht on October 14 during our Open Day at 12.00.

July 2023

The realization of the new Hutting 46 is proceeding fast; the last few weeks have started and every day another element is being completed.

All teak exterior parts are mounted. The superstructure and cockpit have been sprayed in the final topcoat and preparations are currently made to assemble the technology and rigging.

The interior is almost finished. We are currently working on the technical installation and the two bathrooms. In the meantime, the ceilings and floors are being prepared in our workshop to be placed as a finishing touch. Stay tuned!

May 2023


After installing most of the technology, the owner’s cabin and bathroom were finished together with the seating area in the saloon, galley and navigation table. All remaining items of the interior are all ready to be installed. 


Progress is also being made on the exterior: the superstructure and cockpit have been completely filled and sprayed with colour Hutting White and stripes blues and are now in the show coat. All teak parts of the superstructure are ready and will be mounted in the coming weeks. 


In order to work simultaneously, many parts will be completely finished on the floor and installed later. This way there is enough space for the preparatory work such as installing the insulation, technology and framework, without losing time. Now that the installation and preparations are ready, we can start installing the separate parts, both on the interior and exterior. In short: major visual steps will be made in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on our website! 

February 2023

The finishing touches are made to the interior of all preparations for placing the interior in the galley and saloon. For example, the water tanks, piping systems and hydraulics have been installed last week. All interior fronts and furniture pieces are made in our furniture workshop and are currently being varnished; ready to be installed!

December 2022

First foundation and structure of the cockpit is complete

The structure, cockpit and roof have been laminated and various layers of fiberglass cloth have been applied and the parts have been filled with filler. The deck, pot deck, rubbing strip and hull have been puttyed. In the meantime, all teak deck parts are being prepared in the workshop for the next steps for the exterior!

November 2022

The first interior parts are confirmed

After laying a solid foundation, the first interior components were installed. These parts are largely prepared in the workshop, after which they were assembled and mounted in the hull. The foundation for the front cabin has been built in, the main bulkheads and all pipes for electricity have been installed.

We are currently building in the walls, cabinets, floors and we are making all the preparations for the bathroom.

September 2022

Applying the insulation: melamine foam

At the beginning of August 2022, the aluminum hull arrived at the Hutting Yachts workshop in Makkum. First of all, the inside of the hull, the part under the floors, is coated with an epoxy finish for finishing and protection. After this, the melamine insulation was applied as well as the wooden inner plating. We see many advantages, especially in regard to insulation. For example, the wooden inner cladding serves for thermal and acoustic insulation and the insulation is perfectly sealed against condensation. It also forms a strong foundation for further construction of the interior. In short, an essential part of yacht building for our yacht builders.

April 2022

Strong but lightweight aluminum airframe

The final touches were made to the designs at the beginning of 2022, after which construction started. First of all, the aluminum hull was built. The hull is built as light and as strong as possible. For example, strategically placed circles have been made in the aluminum construction to save weight. After blasting the hull and spraying the epoxy primer layers, the hull was prepared for transport to the shipyard in Makkum. Watch the video of the aluminum hull construction below.

November 2021

A design, completely to the owner’s taste

The renewed design of the Hutting sailing yachts was drawn by Van Oossanen naval Architects. The construction method remains the same to the most extent: more than semi-custom built. The hull shape is fixed but the personal wishes of the customer can be implemented both below and above deck.

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