As a custom-built yacht builder, craftsmanship, quality and versatility are paramount to us. The yard offers all the necessary facilities. There is everything from a dedicated spray booth to marina facilities as well as carpenters and technicians. Hutting Yachts can provide a versatile and comprehensive service. New-build projects, refit projects and maintenance work can be executed to the exact specification of the client. Everything is under strict quality control: the famous ‘Hutting Quality’.

With a team of experienced shipwrights, carpenters, finishers, technicians and managers we are always ready to serve our clients to the best of our ability.

Whether it is in Makkum, Iceland or the Spanish Riviera, we are ready to serve you anywhere. Quality workmanship is followed by quality service.

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“The owner sails with her, but for us she will always be our boat”

Jacob Hofstra – Shipwright Hutting Yachts


In 1975 Tjerk Hutting founded Hutting Yachts from a passion for sailing and a strong entrepreneurial drive.

Find out how Tjerk built his first Optimist when he was 16 years of age, how he grew to become a household name with dinghy racers and how his well-known aluminium custom-built sailing yachts were developed.


The boatyard offers space for yachts up to 83 ft and comprises of:

– A dedicated spray booth

– A heated winter storage facility

– Marina facilities

– Dedicated mast and rigging storage.

The versatile nature of Hutting Yachts requires a wide range of facilities. Find out more about what we offer in terms of service and workmanship.


In order to offer constant quality and security, Hutting Yachts works with a core team of architects, engineering firms and suppliers.

Suppliers where we often work with are De Vries Sails, A+ Rigging

and Gebroeders van Enkhuizen

Naval architects we have worked with are: Van Oossanen, Omega Architects,

Dick Koopmans senior and Andre Hoek.

partners Omega

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