Lynx 48 – the ultimate compact high latitude yacht


Introducing the Lynx 48 – developed by Lynx Yachting Ltd, designed by the renowned Naval Architects Owen Clarke Design and built-out by Hutting Yachts – a synergy of expertise.

Seaworthy, self-sufficient, safe and reliable, this fully optimized and meticulously crafted sailing yacht is the ideal expedition vessel for exploring even the most challenging destinations.

The Lynx 48 is offered semi-customizable; Hutting Yachts will craft the build out to the specific requirements of the owner. 

The Quest for the Best Feasible compact go-anywhere yacht

After a thorough assessment of requirements and available options, the Lynx Yachting team concluded that “finding an optimum yacht for challenging high-latitude environments is easier said than done, given the requirements for seaworthiness, self-sufficiency, safety, and reliability”, not to forget ever-tougher standards and regulations.

The team embraced the challenge to create the ultimate high-latitude sailing yacht, in close collaboration with the top architects, designers, engineers, yards, and suppliers.


Architect Owen Clarke Design
Hull material Aluminium
Length 15.15m
Draft 3.2m (keel down) / 1.6m (keel up)

Displacement 16.800 kg
Water Tanks 800 liter in total
Fuel tanks 2000 liter in total
Investment €1.475.000

Designed by Owen Clarke Design

Pioneers of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and tank test-based hull analysis and expert naval architects and designers, Owen Clarke Design are globally recognized for their many fast and seaworthy designs including expedition and explorer yachts.

Key features of this design include:

·       Outstanding sailing behaviour: safe, steady, and comfortable

·       Fast sailing performance with a powerful sail plan

·       Self-sufficiency, safety, and reliability

·       Comfort and safety in heavy weather conditions

·       Easy handling, suitable for single-handed sailing or with a small crew

·       Compliance with ever stricter territory laws and regulations, e.g., Antarctica, South Georgia, Alaska, Northern Canada, Greenland, Svalbard, and the Polar Code

·       Interior optimized for comfortable and safe stays in extreme temperatures, with 60-120mm insulation in walls and ceiling

·       Incorporation of the latest feasible technology, systems, and components.

Ice-Reinforced Hull with Lifting Keel

The hull is fully optimized for Arctic navigation, featuring ice reinforcements such as ice girders and extra-high half frames from bow to beam. The lifting keel (1.6 to 3.2 m draft) has a lead bulb; the reinforced keel case spans the entire height of the hull from bilge to deck.

A Powerful Sail Plan

The rig consists of a strong and light carbon-fiber mast with rod rigging (Axxon Composites), outriggers and carbon spi-pole (Sparcraft). The sailing wardrobe include North 3Di main and J2 as well as Gennaker and Tradewind. Most lines are led to the cockpit winches (Antal, 4 power, 2 manual).

Tough, Strong and Efficient Systems

Two independent and integrated power units provide clean and efficient propulsion (range over 5000 NM) and electric power. Anchor, windlass, bow-thruster, heating, water and electric systems are sized for very heavy use.

Fully Customizable Interior

The Lynx 48 allows for complete customization based on your destinations. The interior layout, material choices, colors, and equipment can be fully tailored to your preferences.

Our team will advise you in every step using our expertise and drawing inspiration from the renowned Hutting 54 Polaris, celebrated for its suitability in Arctic conditions.


The aluminium hull of the Lynx 48 was crafted by Koopmans Casco’s, one of our esteemed partners. Guided by your preferences and sailing destinations, we will create your ideal yacht, leveraging our 45 years of experience in custom yacht building.

The process begins with designing the interior, collaborating with one of our designers or a designer of your choice. Construction then commences, covering insulation and interior finishing, culminating in the first launch in our harbour. For the initial weeks, you will have a berth in our harbour, where we will sail with you to familiarize you with your yacht’s capabilities.

After this, the ultimate freedom awaits you. Our worldwide service extends as far as your chosen sailing destination. Construction of the Lynx 48 is estimated to take 6 to 8 months, and we can commence building immediately.

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