Transforming your sailing yacht into an electric or hybrid yacht

Would you like to sail electric or hybrid? And are you curious whether your sailing yacht can be converted into a hybrid sailing yacht or even be fully electric? We are happy to help you. Together with Stok-electric, we offer completely custom-made solutions for converting sailing yachts into electric or hybrid sailing yachts. We have a suitable, custom-made solution for almost every sailing yacht: from 10kW to 200kW. Prepare your sailing yacht for the future by combining a refit with the installation of an electric or hybrid system. Contact us for a free consultation and read here about how we made the 56ft Truly Classic ‘Elysium’. 

Is hybrid sailing the future?

Diesel engines are less and less sought after due to emissions and limitations. As a result, more and more sailors are motivated to exchange their old diesel engines for a cleaner and more attractive alternative such as electric and hybrid systems. We can bring beautiful sailing yachts that are 20 to 30 years old back to life by giving them a complete refit and converting them into a hybrid sailing yacht. We have also done this with the 56ft Truly Classic Corner Design, Elysium. Watch the video of the project below or read more about the advantages and disadvantages of a hybrid system here.

How does it work?

1. Introduction and analyses

First of all, we will discuss your wishes: what are your (desired) sailing destinations and what should the sailing yacht be able to do in the future. We ask you to send construction drawings as well as specifications of the current battery and drive system. Finally, we pay a physical visit to the sailing yacht to carry out various analyses. With all this information we can deliver a seamlessly integraded system. Of course we can also provide advice regarding the overall refit and making your sailing yacht 'travel-ready'.

2. Starting the transformation

After the advice plan has been approved, we get to work. As soon as the sailing yacht arrives at the yard, the old diesel engine is replaced by an electric motor with an optional diesel generator and batteries. We always ensure the highest quality ; only necessary interior adjustments are made with an eye for reuse and residual value of interior parts and control electronics.

3. Sea trials & getting ready to go

Once everything is installed, we perform various tests and go through everything thoroughly. We will do sea trials together with you so that you can familiarise yourself with your electric sailing yacht. After we are all satisfied, your sailing yacht is ready for the future and you can officially call it an electric or hybrid sailing yacht. In the months that follow, we will of course remain on call to carry out service and maintenance on your new system at any destination, if necessary.

More information about hybrid sailing

Schedule an introductory meeting without any obligation by mail. We or the men from STOK Electric will contact you.

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