Hutting 46


From miles away you recognize the renowned Hutting line from the water. Robust and solid, yet elegant with clearly defined classic lines. The Hutting 46 Explorer; the ideal long-distance cruiser exclusively built to your style.


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The Hutting 46 Explorer is designed by Van Oossanen naval architects, specialists in hydrodynamics and the design of sailing yachts with specific performance requirements. Leveraging their expertise, they have created various sailing yachts for prestigious competitions such as the America’s Cup.


The design comes with two types of bulb keel types: one short variant with winglets resulting in a total draft of 1.9 meters and a longer version without winglets resulting in a total draft of 2.4 meters; both variants achieve nearly identical performance.


The bulb dimensions are meticulously calculated using CFD; ‘computational fluid dynamics technology. Additionally, the extendable bowsprit provides the flexibility to deploy a Code zero or Helix, to increase optimal tuning capabilities in any weather condition ensuring safety, control, speed and optimal sailing performance.

Hutting explorer yacht drawing

Two Keel Variants

The design offers two keel types to suit every long-distance cruiser, both achieving nearly identical performance:
• Shallow with winglets and trim-tab to tune performance in any condition, resulting in a total draft of 1.9 meters; ideal for ocean cruising and close coastal sailing
• Long keel without winglets, a well-known, straightforward keel-type resulting in a total draft of 2.4 meters; ideal for ocean cruising

Sailplan optimisation by VPP calculations

The yacht’s sailing plan has been optimised using a Velocity Prediction Program (VPP), a tool that calculates the yacht’s performance at various desired wind strengths and headings. The software considers crucial factors such as stability, resistance, and transverse force. The yacht’s performance, resulting from the optimised sail plan and VPP calculations, is illustrated in the polar diagram. The figures on the right depicts the performance for both the shallow keel (1.90m draft, with trim tab and winglets) and the deep keel variant (2.4m draft), with their performances being nearly identical.

The highest level of safety

All decisions have been carefully made to ensure the highest level of safety, a crucial aspect for which our Hutting yachts are well-known. Consequently, the aluminum hull construction is meticulously designed, integrating the keel seamlessly into the hull structure, unlike the separate mounting often found in many mass-produced yachts. This design enhances stability and comfort during sailing, delivering the utmost sense of safety and security through a unified aluminum keel and hull construction.


Whether you prefer a luxurious, modern, homely, or practical interior, our offerings cater to solo sailors or those sailing with the whole family. We provide a fully customizable interior, allowing you to design your layout, choose materials, and select colors. Our team of craftsman employ high-quality materials, precision, and their skills to bring your vision to life in the construction of your Hutting 46. The result is a unique and exclusive yacht that reflects your identity.

Safety and comfort are paramount, with worldwide recognition for high safety levels and a secure grip throughout the yacht, seamlessly integrated with aesthetic appeal.

Style meets functionality with smart storage solutions and a comfortable 2.00m headroom. We guarantee you the ultimate home away from home.


Designer Van Oossanen
Material Aluminium
Length 13.90 m
Beam 4.20 m
Draft 2.30m

Displacement 14.50 ton
Ballast 4500 kg lead
Sails 103.8 m²
Water Tank 2 x 300 liter
Fuel Tank 500 liter


We start by understanding your vision for the ideal sailing yacht. Based on this, we create a personalized plan, guiding you through the decision-making process using our expertise and insights from Hutting sailors.


Drawings are continuously refined until perfection. The aluminum hull is crafted by our specialized supplier, with every step being supervised and quality-controlled by our team. Upon arrival at the yard, our skilled team ensures the renowned Hutting quality. Construction of the Hutting 46 takes around 12-14 months, with regular updates to keep you involved in bringing your exclusive yacht to life.


After completion, you get a berth in the Hutting harbor for the first weeks. We will sail with you to familiarize you with the capabilities of your yacht.


What follows is ultimate freedom. But do not worry: as a new member of the ‘Hutting Family’ our world-wide service reaches as far as you decide to sail.


Curious about what such a process looks like? Check out the logbook of the construction process of the first-built Hutting 46 ‘Fier’ here.

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