Limo Tender T/T Yalla

Nominated for the Tender Award 2015: the 9.5m luxury limo tender named t/t Yalla. Designed by van Oossanen Naval Architects, Frank Laupman, and Omega Architects and built by Hutting yachts.

The luxury limousine tender is designed in the same style as the ‘mothership’, the 73m motor yacht YALLA, built by CRN shipyard.

After the delivery of the aluminum hull, Hutting Yachts has provided the interior, exterior and technology.

You can enter the 10 person accommodation through the automatic sliding hatches. The steering position behind the accommodation is equipped with a telescopic sliding roof. The gangway, which slides out of the hull and allows passengers to easily go off and on at locations such as the beach, is accessible through the small forward deck.

With a push of the button, a concealed cool box and a set of speakers appear from the interior. Both on the inside and the outside, the tender is the epitome of style, class, and luxury.

More information about the design can be found here.

More information about the nomination can be found here.

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