The Koopmans 43 Raja is getting a full refit

A complete refit of the exterior will ensure that the second-hand Koopmans 43 will exit our yard as ‘brand new’. Completely in accordance with the wishes of the new owner, the necessary adjustments to the interior have been made. For more information about our refit options please contact us.

Used Koopmans “like new” after refit

The Koopmans 43 ‘Raja’ came to Hutting Yachts for a major refit job on both the interior and exterior. The sailing yacht has literally been taken care of from top to bottom: from new rigging, spraying the mast to installing a bow thruster. The deck and structure were then filled and repainted in our favourite colour: Hutting-white. Finally, the entire hull was sanded, sprayed and a ‘flexit teak’ added.

All painting work has been completed, the flexiteak deck is done, all the new fittings such as the winches, a new deck fans, LED lighting and the new Raymarine equipment have been installed. New deck hatches and portholes have been fitted, the new bow thruster as well as the new maxprop have been installed. All technology has been revised and adjusted where necessary, a new boiler has been installed, all old water and fuel pipes have been replaced and the engine has been given a major overhaul. 

The rigging has been completely refurbished; everything has been repainted, standing and running rigging have been replaced, the boom, spi-booms and boomvang have been sprayed and everything has been checked for proper and safe operation. 

It’s now time to wait for 4 closed portholes and after that, the ship is ready for a new life! 

Curious about our refit options? Read more here or request more information here.

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