Refit Interior-layout after sale used H40 Pyrrha

The exterior was perfect, but the interior could have been a bit more spacious to make the Hutting 40 ‘Pyrrha’ their dream yacht. No sooner said than done. The sailing yacht, built in 1995, will get a spacious owner’s cabin in the bow and the cockpit will be expanded. To prepare the sailing yacht for planned sailing trips in Scandinavia, a bow thruster and an electric anchor winch will also be installed.

Ideal for Scandinavian waters

The Hutting 40 Pyrrha was bought at the beginning of 2021 by a German couple who mainly wanted to sail the Scandinavian waters. Given the small hull of the Hutting 40, it is a very suitable sailing yacht for the small harbor boxes in Scandinavia. That is why you will see Hutting sailing yachts in Northern Europe more often.

Moving owner’s cabin to foreship

In order to stay on board comfortably for long periods with enough living space, the owner’s cabin will be moved from the port-side center to the fore ship of the sailing yacht. This makes it more spacious as the bed can be reached from both sides and more storage options can be created.

Widening of the cockpit

Like many other sailing yachts, especially Koopmans designs, the Hutting 40 Pyrrha has a bridge deck. This is purely for safety; it serves as a kind of dam, which prevents water from entering during bad weather conditions or rough seas. However, this bridge deck does take up space in the cockpit and makes it less accessible to step inside. For that reason, the new owners have chosen to have the bridge deck removed, and the ‘traveler’ will also be relocated. This renovation will of course fall within the CE safety requirements.

Bow thruster & Electric windlass

To make sailing on board pleasant and easy, but also suitable for sailing with one hand, a bow thruster and an electric windlass will be built in.

Teak deck maintenance & yacht service

Finally, the sailing yacht is regularly revised, whereby the teak deck of the exterior has been repainted. The new owners will soon start their dream trip to the North with their (as good as) new ‘Hutting 40!

More information about our refit possibilities 

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