Complete refit Koopmans 37 ’ Haaks’

The exterior of this steel Koopmans 37 is undergoing a refit this winter. The underwater hull is completely blasted to bare metal to recoat and apply antifouling to the underwater part of the hull.

The hull and deck are being repainted, and a new synthetic deck from the TopDek is being installed. The owner has opted for a beautiful, fresh, light blue hull color, and the superstructure, cockpit, bulwark, and rigging will be painted in ‘Hutting-white.’

All technical equipment is being replaced to ensure that the sailing yacht will be fully up-to-date. To complete the renovation, the deck hardware and standing and running rigging are being renewed. In the spring of 2024, this Koopmans 37 will roll out of the shipyard like a new sailing yacht, complete with a new name. From then on, it will be known as the Koopmans 37 ‘Aurora’!

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