Publication in: Yacht Bluewasser Edition – Aluminium yachtbuilding 

In the overall market a minority, but for ‘blue-water-Seglern’, the first choice: Aluminum Sailing Yachts. In this article, the differences, reasons and possibilities of an aluminum sailing yacht.

Tjerk Hutting: “Safety” is the first argument for choosing an aluminum sailing yacht, is what we constantly hear from our customers. The certainty that the boat does not sink immediately after a collision”.

Besides, aluminum is indestructible, it will last for more than 100 years. That’s why it’s very durable and maintenance-friendly.

In the common sailing areas you’re mostly surrounded by people who can help if you face any problems with your yacht. However, our customers deviate from this and sail a lot in unknown areas where there is no help nearby. You want to be confident in your material and equipment, and you need to be sure of a strong and safe yacht.”