Teakdeck Repair Vindö 47 ‘Butjer’

This summer we replaced the topteak deck of a Vindö 50 Ketch “Butjer”, because the old one was leaking.

First of all we just wanted to renew the rubber. But we found out that there was no rubber under the teak, so we wouldn’t get it waterproof by just renewing the rubber. Therefore, we carefully removed the old teak deck and prepared the surface of the deck with 2 layers of epoxy resin to waterproof it and a better attachment to the new teak deck. The new teak deck is 12mm thick and glued with Sikaflex.

Besides the teakdek, the mastfeet had to be renewed and the electricity management for the mast has been reformed and improved. The steering system has been renewed as well. Together with a good finishing touch with a one component high gloss varnish, the “Butjer” is ready again for new adventures.

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