Open Day & Anniversary Celebration Hutting Yachts

Informative lectures by top authors and sailors: L.H. Wiener, Femke Lobach and Werner Toonk, a look into the future by showing you the New Hutting design and last but definitely not least: many different sailing yachts for you to view.

Please be welcome Saturday 16th of October 2021 11.00 – 17.00. 

Hutting Yachts existed 17 October 2020 45th years and we celebrate it at the 16th of October 2021 with an Open Dag!

In the context of realizing dreams, reaching goals and enjoying life, we have organized an Open Day with the aim of gaining and sharing knowledge and inspiration. Step onboard several sailing yachts that have been around the world. Gain knowledge and inspiration from the thought-provoking lectures, meet fellow sailing enthusiasts and discover their already fulfilled and new sailing dreams… because we all know, dreams exist to be fulfilled! For this reason, the new Hutting design, designed by Hoek Design, will also be introduced, which will present you with Hutting Yachts’ future vision. This in combination with enticing cakes and a delicious lunch from a corona-proof food truck, will make this day an informative and festive day for and by sailors.


12.00 – 12.45

Sail to Cape Town in 100 days? Werner Toonk

Werner Toonk completed this lifelong dream with his steel ketch and continued sailing on towards New Zealand. He sailed his ship along the Cape of Good Hope through the Roaring Forties with different passengers joining him on different parts of his journey. Along the way, he made short stops on the most remote islands in the world, such as Tristan da Cunha and Kerguelen. His book ‘Karma van Staal’ received enthusiastic reviews and the first edition was sold out in no time. At the Open Day he will be telling us about his dream trip, about the highlights, his most exciting moments and about what went wrong …

14.00 – 14.45

Making your dream trip a reality – Femke Lobach

A world trip at sea: what happens when you step out of your everyday routine? How do you experience life without the internet, friends and family? Together with her boyfriend, Femke Lobach ventured out on a sailing trip around the world. During the trip, she wrote blogs and her fan base grew into more than 1,500 readers. This resulted in the book: ‘Overal Horizon’, meaning ‘Horizon Everywhere’ which will be released in September 2020 and will be for sale at the Hutting Yachts Open Day.

Femke and her boyfriend will be sharing their story. They will touch on both the technical aspects and the preparation, personal developments and how to make your dream trip a reality. As a mental coach in sports and business life, Femke Lobach has all the knowledge and experience about this. Guaranteed to be an inspiring and interactive lecture.

Floortje Dessing“Being on board with Femke was a wonderful and peaceful place to rest during my travels to impossible and incredible places on earth. This is a beautiful, unique and personal story.”

16.00 -16.45

Lecture ‘Sea Fear’ prose writer: Lodewijk Wiener

Dry humour, lots of Whiskey and sailing stories: this is what well-known and acclaimed prose writer Lodewijk Wiener has combined in his book ‘Sea Fear’. This “wonderful sailing book” is a nautical logbook in which Lodewijk goes on a sailing trip along the English south coast and the Isle of Wight with his cat and girlfriend. A journal in which a whiskey glass is emptied at Malcom Lowry’s grave and a salute is given to Virginia Woolf. At Hutting Yachts’ Open Day, Lodewijk will talk about this sailing trip and his hate-love relationship with the sea: “On the one hand I choose the sea and immerse myself in nature, with all the existential depths of it, and on the other hand it’s the defiance of death”.

Parool: “Sea Fear” by L.H. Wiener is an incredibly good book” “a book to drown in”

Tjerk Hutting Hutting Yachts

17.00 – 17.15

Looking back and into the future by Tjerk Hutting

To conclude the Open Day, founder and director Tjerk Hutting will give a short speech and look back at 17th October, 1975. This is when he started Hutting Yachts in a small warehouse in Akkrum without heating, light or even a toilet. From making wooden competition class “schakels” and Falcons, to the very functional but elegant long-distance yachts that sail all over the world.  Dreaming and realising these dreams and raising a glass to a bright future for Hutting Yachts!

Step on board!

View over 10 sailing yachts: Koopmans and Hutting sailing yachts

Popular Explorer Sailing Yacht Hutting 54 Polaris

After 12 years of sailing in Greenland, the Hutting 54 Polaris is ready for a new adventure after a full Refit. The sailing yacht is equipped with the latest equipment and smart techniques for such adventures. The Polaris is seen by professionals as the ultimate explorer sailing yacht. Curious about the choices made when designing and building this special sailing yacht?

Hutting 45 “Maria Angela”
Explorer sailing yacht Hutting 54 ‘Polaris’
Koopmans 48 ‘New World’
Koopmans 48 ‘Stormvogel’ 


Open Day at Hutting Yachts

We welcome you to our shipyard: where it smells of teak and where 53 sailing yachts have been built. Various craftsmen are ready to show you around the yard. You can also step onboard various Hutting Sailing Yachts, where the owners will tell you more about the choices that were made when building the yachts.

It’s our anniversary so the treats are on us!

We look forward to treating you with enticing cake from the traditional Elsinga bakery. We will also be serving a delicious lunch from the “Rollende Bijkeuken”. We are looking forward to this fun and informative day and hope to see you here!


Team Hutting Yachts

We hope to see you on the 16th of October in Makkum!

Hutting Yachts
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