Open Day 13th of October

Come and have a look inside our yard, go onboard of a Hutting 40, 45 or 50 and get inspired by various informative lectures during our Open Day Saturday the 13thof October! Highlight: the presence of the Hutting 54 Explorer yacht ‘Polaris!’ 

Expedition yacht polaris

The Hutting 54 ‘Polaris’ is back in our yard after 12 years of sailing in the Arctic. They even have frozen the yacht into the ice for a couple of months. The yacht is specially designed for this ‘extreme’ conditions and the yacht has been praised as an extensive expedition Sailing yacht.

We welcome you onboard of the Polaris to find out more about the ‘home’ of the two very experienced sailors who have lived for years in the Arctic. How is the interior layout? What facilities do they have? How much and where is the extra storage capacity? Go onboard and be inspired!

In close collaboration with the owners, there will be an informative lecture about the Polaris, their journey and other topics such as climate change. This lecture will be in Dutch, but questions can be answered in German and English! Check out their blog by clicking here.

Lectures: for sailors by sailors!

The main goal is to organize a fun and informative day for sailors. The time table for the lectures is:

12.15 – 12.45

Solo-Sailor Dick Huges

Solo-world sailor and author Dick Huges will give a lecture about his unforgettable experiences while sailing solo around the world. He wrote several books about his adventures as well as many instruction books about ‘self-reliance onboard‘ and ‘navigation without electronics‘. Very interesting techniques.

13.30 – 14.00

Tjerk Hutting about the Hutting 54 Polaris

Tjerk Hutting, the founder of Hutting Yachts, gives on behalf of the owners a presentation about the Hutting 54 expedition yacht ‘Polaris’. The design, special features, and extra storage capacity will be explained. Followed by their beautiful journeys in the Arctic, especially Greenland and further around the world. Very inspirational yacht and sailors as you can read at the website of

15.30 – 16.00

Martine van de Veen about Sailing away from lee shore

Martine van de Veen, author of the self-instruction book ‘Vaardig varen’ gives an instructive lecture about sailing away from lee shore, tips and tricks every sailor can use! 

During both lectures and during the Open Day can all questions in German and English be answered!

Visit yachts

The best impression of a sailing yacht is gained by being on deck. In our yard and in our harbor, are several Hutting yachts as a Hutting 40, a Hutting 45 and a Hutting 50. We welcome you to check out everything you wish to know about the Hutting Yachts.

Included there will be a few sailing yachts that are for sale. At this moment, the Hutting Yachts brokerage includes a Hutting 47, a Breehorn 39, Koopmans 54 and a 39 ft Danish Rose Colin Archer. All yachts are at the yard to visit, except for the Hutting 47. Please contact us to plan a visit on the Hutting 47.

Breehorn 37 “Boreas”
€ 149.000,-
Hutting 47 “Penelope”
€ 325.000,-
Koopmans 54 “Rock Steady”
€ 595.000,-
Danish Rose 39 (Colin Archer)
€ 165.000
Hutting 40 ‘Coelacanth’ 
Koopmans 43 ‘Skadi’ 


Finally,  de Vries Sails,  Surf ‘N Sail Makkum and RIM (yacht)Interior and Design will be present at the Open Day to give you the opportunity to discover their new products and to let all your questions be answered!

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our Open Day!

Hutting Yachts